Alicia Pardo Lastra, an artist and environmental activist, is the founder of the Patagonia Land Art Sanctuary, and the Advisor and Vice President for America of Pro Arte y Cultura. 

Alicia is an active committee member of the Foundation BREEF that focuses on conserving the marine environment through education in the Bahamas. 

She battled and successfully preserved the coral reefs of Clifton Bay in the Caribbean waters of Nassau Bahamas that were on the verge of destruction.

Throughout her career, Alicia has served as a Board member of the Museum "The Dixon Gallery & Gardens," Memphis Tennessee, USA. And as a member of the International Advisory Board of the Guggenheim Museum, in New York.     

Alicia has organized several activist performances inviting painters such as Gustavo Rosa, Bressegelo, Ademir Martins, among others, saving the Manequinho Lopes – Parque Ibirapuera São Paulo, Brazil.

She collaborated successfully in  Campaigns organized by the Center for Marine Conservation, Washington DC, USA.

The Museum MAC in Salta Argentina received their first Collection that Alicia brought from Spain donated by Pro Arte y Cultura.

Alicia's vision has always been to pass along the love for the arts and for the environment to the next generations.


Álex Winegardner (Drone)

Nicolás Winegardner (Horses)

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